McDonald’s McDouble – Greatest Most Bountiful Source of Nutrition, or Death on a Bun?

I don’t think anybody – even McDonald’s – is touting “fast food” as a godsend to nutrition, but out of the “Good, Fast, or

There’s no such thing as an essential carbohydrate

One of the first things that need to be elucidated are the absolute essentials for human survival and health. They are these: * Amino

American Heart Association’s Dietary Guidelines from 1982

Summary The AHA: – completely misinterpreted a bunch of science; – used out of date stuff that had well and truly been usurped; –

ABC Catalyst: Heart Of The Matter – Dr Maryanne Demasi

Part 1 – Dietary Villans Video Topics Part 2 – Cholesterol Drug Wars Video Topics These videos are probably the simplest condensed source of

Are vegetables necessary for good health?

Usually a fan of Mark’s Daily Apple, he’s typically pragmatic rather than assertive with his articles, and the stuff he writes generally well reflects

Keto/Low-Carb Pizza Base (or Bread/Batter/Pancake Mix)

Impatient? Here’s the TL;DR Separate 3 eggs Add 1 tsp vinegar to whites Beat until stiff/can form peaks Add 2 tbsp cream cheese to

Easiest Awesome Perfect Steak (Pan + Oven)

There’s a gazillion ways to cook a steak, but this is the most consistently awesome and almost impossible to stuff up. It is a

Fats and oils for cooking and sauces

[JOURNAL] Cardiovascular Perspective – Coronary Artery Disease as Clogged Pipes – A Misconceptual Model

Interesting reading on how the concepts of heart disease etc taught to the public are grossly incorrect, and how the hell do we go

Low Carb Diet: Fat Or Fiction – ABC Catalyst – Dr Maryanne Demasi

Intro Video Takeaways Diabetes Australia Heart Foundation Transcript Catalyst and Dr Demasi have previously taken on the role of dietary fat and cholesterol in

Sexy Time Steak Hack – (Four Hour Chef partial review)

This is a relatively simple and almost infallible method for consistently cooking a perfect steak and sauce, all in a single pan and with

[RECIPE] Venison shank and white wine stew

Ingredients 450g/1lb of venison shank a carrot an onion some tomatoes some broccoli some fat or oil half a bottle of crappy white wine

[SCIENCE] Over 40 studies on low carb vs low fat diets for weight loss – 1956-2014

Presented chronologically here is as succinct an outline possible of over 40 studies (and a few meta-analyses) comparing low fat to low carb in

Scotch Fillet (Rib-Eye) Steak-Off – Gourmet vs Budget

A friend recently sent food porn of his best home-cooked steak ever and referred to it as a “Chamois Steak”, WTF… never heard of

Porkopalypse Now – Pork Belly in Red Wine Vinegar Marinade

This is an extremely taste laden and tender dish, sure to corrupt even the most ardent vegan. Prep/cook time: 1 bottle of wine Ingredients

The Straight Dope On Cholesterol – Summary – Dr Peter Attia –

Sections What is cholesterol? Is it bad? How does it get around? How do we measure it? How does it cause problems? Does LDL-P

Baked barramundi wrapped in bacon

This fish and bacon extravaganza will pleasure your tastebuds and leave you satisfied like you’ve never been before. I’ve used Barramundi as the theme

Homo Carnivorus – What We Are Designed To Eat – Barry Groves

“Civilized man is the only animal clever enough to manufacture its own food, and the only animal stupid enough to eat it.” Download Presentation

The Story Of Discoburger

The journey from 4 to 21 layers of meat and cheese...

Überburger – Beef rissole/patty with bacon herbs and cheeeeese

A simple, juicy, and outrageously tasty meat patty – would be a shame to put it on a bun. Ingredients 500g of beef mince

[RECIPE] Baked Oysters Florentine

Nothing better than some fresh oysters naturale with champagne on a lazy Sunday morning. Unfortunately the only oysters we had on hand were from

Fiber: end the fantasy – myths / realities of an indigestible “nutrient”

Sections Constipation Study ZIOH: Good Calories, Bad Calories Konstantin Monastyrsky Georgia Ede MD Michael R Eades MD Chris Kresser Owsley “The Bear” Stanley Kris

Mega Meatballs – Cheese Filled Beef and Chorizo Bombs [VIDEO]

Discussion in the forums. If anyone cares maybe I’ll put up a proper recipe, for now, here’s a drunk guy making meatballs: Oh, and

[INFOGRAPHIC] – Calories In : Calories Out

Further reading Full thread: Calories in vs Calories out Interactive Biochemical Pathways Map More useful:

Ketogenic Diet / “Paleo” Food Pyramid

Full Size –> Open Full Size Version Source – r/keto Food Pyramid Graphic by Trey Cox Recipes – /r/KetoRecipes

Diabetic Cookery, Recipes and Menus – 1917

Preface Unlimited Foods Nutritive Fresh Meat Organs / Offal Processed Meat Vegetables Nuts Relishes Condiments Occasional Foods Fruits Vegetables Cheese Drinks Forbidden Foods Before

Cows vs Planet – Mythbusting

Great article that deals with most of the bullshit prevalent in mass media and vegetarian propoganda. Full article here that I highly recommend reading:

Cholesterol, Saturated Fat, LDL/HDL, Statins, Myths, Scams

Skip to the science Low Cholesterol Mortality Chart How Statins Work Further Resources Studies Eggs Articles & Blogs Videos Books If you don’t know

[RECIPE] Creamy Garlic Prawn Chowder

There was nothing but a dozen prawns, some celery, and cream in the fridge and it needed to feed two – so time to

Diabetes and Low Carb / Ketogenic Diets – Science Through Modern History

It seems every day folks online are posting that the only viable treatment method for diabetes is long-term medication, and that there’s no real

Meat is Life