Triple Cheeseburger Battle – McDonald’s vs Burger King (Hungry Jack’s)

I’ve done a fairly extensive write-up on the McDonald’s McDouble and how it stacks up nutritionally. In the end it was actually alright – as long as you don’t eat the buns. So taking the same bunless carnivore burger strategy into account, how does the the McD Triple stack up against the Burger King offering…? […]


Know Your Meats – Beef and Lamb

Beef cuts and how to cook them: A 420lb beef carcass yields approximately 338 pounds of trimmed cuts. Lamb cuts and how to cook them: A 41lb lamb carcass yields approximately 38 pounds of trimmed cuts.



Are vegetables necessary for good health?

Usually a fan of Mark’s Daily Apple, he’s typically pragmatic rather than assertive with his articles, and the stuff he writes generally well reflects the evidence he is basing it on. So, are veggies a necessity for human health? Check out the article here: Let’s break it down and apply some critical thinking… Do […]

Thanksgiving Weber Roast Duck with Herb n Spice Butter under the skin

This is actually adapted from a recipe via The Bear, so his words, my pics: I enjoy cooking, been at it since age 12. So, rather than menus, how about a recipe I developed? Try this: A large chicken, 4-5 lbs (2.2+ kg). Carefully separate the skin from the meat by passing your hand gently […]



Cholesterol, Saturated Fat, LDL/HDL, Statins, Myths, Scams

(almost) everything you need to know Pre-note disclaimer: this is NOT medical advice, it is aimed at the normal everyday otherwise healthy person seeking SIMPLIFIED info as to why the entrenched recommendations don’t seem to make sense in reality. Review the information and resources for yourself, find other literature, do your own damn research before […]

Egg and Cheese Battered Fish Bites

Another simple recipe which stems from the “Oopsie”ish pizza base. As it turns out when you fry it instead of baking, it ends up pretty much like a pancake. Go figger. Got myself some nice fresh snook, a great mild tasting flaky fish that lends itself well to toppings and coatings, and one coating you […]



Cheesy Garlic Not-Bread

I got distracted and overcooked the base whilst trying to make a pizza – as in cooked too much to use as a base for pizza that had to go back in the oven for a fair while, but just long enough to be the bread base for a quick snack – figgered it might […]

Surf n Turf Pizza

Today we’re knocking up a surf n turf pizza using scotch (ribeye), barramundi (Aussie fish), bacon, mushroom and onion. My go-to for a quick and easy base is now the “Oopsie Roll” inspired version, basically just eggs and cream cheese and a dash of vinegar. [quote]It’s incredibly light so won’t give you that weighed down […]



Low-Carb Pizza Base (or Bread/Batter/Pancake Mix) Paleo/Keto/Atkins Friendly

Impatient? Here’s the TL;DR Separate 3 eggs Add 1 tsp vinegar to whites Beat until stiff/can form peaks Add 2 tbsp cream cheese to yolks Mix with fork until creamy/pasty Tip yolk mix into whites Fold through gently with spatula Mix can now be used as batter or pancakes. For pizza: Spread on pre-heated oiled […]

Carné de Pranzo – Meatlovers Pizza

Had an aching for a pizza, I have no delivery places nearby and besides – I don’t really eat pizza as I’m not fond of anything grain-based. My go-to for a quick and easy base is now the “Oopsie Roll” inspired version, basically just eggs and cream cheese and a dash of vinegar. Check HERE […]



Simple Guide To Optimum Health On A Burger Diet

Following on from yesterday’s post on whether a McDonald’s McDouble is the world’s greatest source of nutrition, I thought there might be some folk struggling with how to manage this new information so I’ve put together a helpful step-by-step guide. The bits of the burger that are vilified – meat and fat – are the […]


Scotch Fillet (Rib-Eye) Steak-Off – Gourmet vs Budget

A friend recently sent food porn of his best home-cooked steak ever and referred to it as a “Chamois Steak”, WTF… never heard of this, and no amount of searching could find a reference to this particular cut – the photos just looked like scotch fillet to me, but slightly different somehow. Went to this […]

Baked Oysters Florentine Flogged

Nothing better than some fresh oysters naturale with champagne on a lazy Sunday morning. Unfortunately the only oysters we had on hand were from the local evil megachain supermarket, and when you’re having them raw – anything less than high quality stunningly fresh can be a complete abonimation and ruin your whole privileged day. So […]