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Australian Wagyu Picanha - Stone Axe

Stone Axe

Full Blood


BMS 9+


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The Australian Wagyu Picanha from Stone Axe is a stellar choice for those seeking a Wagyu experience without the hefty price tag. Described as near-perfect, this steak is an ideal option for those who have tried A5 cuts, such as strip, picanha, or ribeye, and found them a bit too fatty or rich.

The Stone Axe Picanha has an incredible flavor, providing a high-quality Wagyu experience at a reasonable price of $65 per lb. It stands shoulder-to-shoulder with the Stone Axe ribeye and strip, which are priced around $90-$100 per lb.

The Stone Axe Picanha not only offers a great approximation of A5 quality but does so in a beautifully balanced way. It's pricier than other respectable options like a 6/7 Margaret River or Carrera, but the experience it provides justifies the higher price. It offers the clean, refined taste of A5 and lacks the distinct Australian flavor, setting it apart from other options and emerging as a smart, value-driven choice for those chasing the pinnacle of steak experiences.