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Australian Wagyu Flat Iron

Stone Axe

Full Blood


BMS 6-7


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The Australian Wagyu Flat Iron is a lesser known cut not classically found in steak houses, making it a unique and must-try selection for any steak lover.

While being immensely juicy and flavorful, it is also one of the most tender cuts available, regardless of region. It’s rich in iron and robust in flavor, placing it at the pinnacle of both beefiness and tenderness on any culinary chart.

An interesting aspect of the Flat Iron is the direction of its grain, running parallel to the pan. This requires a specific approach to searing to achieve that perfect crust. To get the best sear and enhance the steak's natural flavors, it's recommended to sear a cross-section cut against the grain, similar to the technique used in Korean BBQ. This method ensures a sensational crust, amazing flavor, and maximum tenderness.