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Australian Wagyu Denver

Margaret River

Cross Breed


BMS 6-7


Flavor Profile





The Australian Wagyu Denver steak is a unique offering that showcases consistency in flavor across various Australian farms. With a delightful chew that enhances its appeal without toughness, this cut represents a great balance of texture and taste.

The inclusion of the Denver steak on the site is a strategic choice, emphasizing value without compromising on quality. Given the remarkable similarity in taste across different Australian farms, the decision to offer the most affordable option is a savvy move. There's no need to pay extra for a brand name when the taste experience is uniformly excellent across all producers. This uniformity in the Australian Denver cut is quite rare.

The Australian Denver stands out for its distinct Australian flavor, a trait that is consistently found in BMS 7/8/9+ grades from various farms. Despite its popularity, Brandon personally isn't the biggest fan, but acknowledges its appeal and reasonable pricing. This cut, having been tasted from multiple farms, presents an indistinguishable experience in flavor, which is why offering the most cost-effective option makes the most sense. Whether it's Margaret River, Stone Axe, Carrara or Westholm, the focus is on providing the best value. If a connoisseur like Brandon can't tell the difference, it's likely that most consumers won't either. The Australian Wagyu Denver is therefore a smart choice for those seeking a quality steak with the distinct Australian taste at an unbeatable price.