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Australian Wagyu Bavette

Stone Axe

Full Blood


BMS 9+


Flavor Profile





The Australian Bavette steak is perfect for those who want the tenderness of a filet but crave more flavor. From Stone Axe Farms, this is a purebred BMS 9+ Bavette, which is the highest marbling score in Australia. With its "beefy flavor," buttery texture, and balanced profile, this cut is exceptionally soft, ranking as the second or third most tender option on the site, closely following the A5 filet.

The Bavette emerges as a more substantial alternative to the skirt steak, encapsulating all the positive attributes – exceptional tenderness, juiciness, and quick cooking time – while providing the gratifying experience of cutting into a real, robust steak. Imagine the heft and texture of three skirt steaks combined into one – that's the satisfying "feel" of the Bavette. 
In terms of flavor, the Bavette offers a very clean, intense beefy taste, reminiscent of sirloin yet incredibly soft. This is a top recommendation for those who appreciate the finer cuts of beef.