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American Wagyu Denver

Masami Ranch

Cross Breed


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The American Wagyu Denver from Masami is a distinguished cut that offers a delightful blend of texture and flavor. Featured on the site for its commendable value and as one of Brandon's preferred choices, it is ideal for daily indulgence without losing appeal thanks to its well-balanced profile. The American Wagyu Denver is more buttery than what you'd typically find at a local steakhouse, providing a luxurious taste. This cut stands out for its softness and excellent marbling, making it a superior choice compared to standard offerings.

After much searching, Masami was the only farm capable of supplying this desired cut at the necessary quality. Compared to the Australian Denver, this American Wagyu variant is easier to cook, as it doesn’t cook as quickly.

When compared to Prime Denver steak, the Masami is definitely worth the extra $10, offering a sublime combination of softness, butteriness, and marbling. It combines ease of cooking with exceptional taste and texture, making it a top choice for steak lovers.