If I Could Only Pick 5 Steakhouses

These are the 5 steakhouses I could not live without.

Brandon | @high.steaks

Apr 24, 2024




🥩 PETER LUGAR (Both GN & BK) | For critiques that want to make a name for themselves, this is the steakhouse to bash. For anyone who wants to eat quite simply the best tasting steak in the world, this is the steakhouse to go to. Best steak, best lamb chops, and best chopped steak I’ve ever eaten. It’s the steak that I’ll never get sick of. The flavor they get from their dry aging process and their broilers is copied by many, and achieved by none.

Also, they set the industry standard as far as price. Yes, $140 for a porterhouse for 2 isn’t cheap, but it’s the cheapest you’ll find a dry aged porterhouse anywhere in NYC. Every other steakhouse is either the same or more… some for steaks that aren’t even dry aged, but I won’t go there.

🥩 COTE | Easily the best “Korean BBQ” in NYC. The hospitality is on a different level compared to anyone else. I go here once a week for a reason. The steak is amazing, but arguably isn’t even the main reason to dine. The entirety of the meal is special from start to finish. Also, The best Bacon by far.

🥩 Churrascaria Plataforma | The best Brazilian Steakhouse in NYC. Quality steaks with unmatched value. Extremely friendly staff and always an enjoyable experience.

🥩 KEENS | Forget the porterhouse for a second (although they do that well too), The mutton chop and prime rib are must orders. Maybe the best prime rib in the city, and no one does mutton quite like Keens. My order: Bacon, Mutton Chop, Prime Rib, Porterhouse. I’m good on the sides.

🥩 BENJAMINS | Many try but no one has gotten as close to replicating Peter Luger than Benjamins. The idea of this list was to not be redundant. However, if I’m in NYC and can’t get to Great Neck or Brooklyn then THIS is where I go to get the next best porterhouse. Priced extremely well and honestly has slightly better bacon than does Luger’s. The second highest score I’ve ever given to a porterhouse.