Brown Butter Method

An amazing way to get an insane crust on your steaks.

Brandon | @high.steaks

Jun 4, 2024



(Full video tutorial is at the end of this post)


When I first discovered the brown butter method from the great Frank Prisinzano, I was skeptical of how you could achieve such an impressive crust on a steak while cooking it at such a low heat.

I immediately tried it when cooking 7 20-30 oz NY Strips for my friends one night at school. I was blown away by the results.

I then proceeded to make my own tutorial, which I believe to be a masterclass on exactly how to properly execute the Brown Butter Method.

As of now, I don’t sell many steaks I would use this method for. You typically want them on the leaner side and pretty thick. However, the Australian Wagyu Filet is a good one to try it with, as well as the USDA Prime Picanha.

The whole point of creating my butchershop was to offer steaks to people at prices I would actually pay myself. And to be completely honest, the price I’d have to charge for a thick USDA prime ribeye (a great steak for this method), you’d be better off buying it at Costco.

I’m currently working on sourcing more cuts from different farms that are compatible with this method. In the meantime, enjoy the tutorial, and message me @high.steaks if you have questions along the way!